MISDIAGNOSIS - The patients that do not exists

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With your support, we are producing a documentary to voice the needs of those who are chronically ill and aimed at shaping public opinion to ultimately provide better care for those in need.

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Chronic disease. A death sentence!

Step by step life is taken from you ...

You lie in bed in a dark bedroom. Around the clock. Seven days a week. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years.

There are no answers, only questions. There is no hope of getting better. Only worse.

The health care system has given up. Some relatives can not take it... Some fights tooth and nail...

A desperate search for a solution. But hope is dying...

But suddenly, there it is: Someone with the same symptoms as you. A diagnosis that is not correct. Someone who has improved by treatment abroad.

But your doctor is sceptical:

- There is no such disease!

- We have already tested that. Your test results were negative!

- The treatment is not approved according to the Swedish recommendations.

But more and more people who have been in the same situation as you tell us how they got better. They pay for their treatment themselves and going to Germany, Finland, England or the United States. Another medical reality. Maybe there's hope for you too ???


The documentary "Misdiagnosis"

In the documentary, we will follow some chronically ill patients in Sweden.

How are patients and families treated by health care?

Are there medical tools that are missing?

Or is it the will that is lacking? Where does the culture of silence come from that prevents ordinary doctors from treating?

What is it that stands in the way of change within the Swedish health care?

What is the situation in other countries?

Some answers already exist. Germany has a tradition to allow patients to choose their health care providers themselves. There is a more flexible approach that embraces both the traditional orthodox medicine and alternative methods. The US has recently drastically changed their treatment recommendations for chronic Lyme disease. (A diagnosis under Swedish health care barely exists, but according to foreign research labs are becoming more common.) We will interview internationally renowned experts that describe how diseases work and what the issues are. We will critically examine various medical lab tests and describe the problems and opportunities that exist to identify different bacteria and viruses.

The purpose of the documentary is

- to present the current situation for the Chronically Ill. - to report the state of research on chronic diseases with a focus on tick-related diseases. - to opinion-forming for anyone who might be healthy to have reasonable care without having to pay for it themselves. Publication: The objective is that the documentary will primarily be published in an established Swedish media channel as well as the Internet.

Risks and Challenges

Everything is more difficult in practice than in theory when it comes to investigative journalism and reporting in depth. To make things great it does cost both in time and money. There are powerful forces in health care who do not want to be revealed. We therefore need your help! Many of the sick and their relatives, whom we want to help live on the economic and humanitarian minimum level and therefore can not contribute. Therefore, we hope that you can afford an extra generous contribution to the project.

Together we can do it! Thank you for believing in this project and want to be part of telling this very important story.